Dec 13

Few tips that can tell you how to understand a husband

Many time marriages do not work as they should and couple put responsibility on each other for this disturbed relationship. They claim that their partner never understands them and this complaint comes from husband and wife both. However, we strongly believe that both husband and wife are responsible for turmoil of marriage and both the parties need to do some hard work so they can understand their partner. In order to help women in this situation, here are few tips that can tell them how to understand a husband.

Husband cannot read your mind: In a normal situation woman always believe that they can simply deliver their message with some basic hint about your demand. However, this thing never really work and women need to communicate the message loud and clear to their husband so they can understand it properly. Here, we are not saying that men are dumb, but their mind just does not like to crack riddles and they prefer to have a direct communication instead of receiving a message in hints and riddles .

Don’t expect sympathy from them: If you will come up with a problem, then your man can try every possible thing to solve the problem for you. However, if you are expecting sympathy from them, then you are knocking the wrong door for it because men are not meant to give sympathy to you. So, if you want to get a solution of your problem you can communicate it with your partner, but if you want sympathy talk to your trustworthy girl friends for that.

Offer your help, but don’t enforce it: This is one of the biggest problems with any marriage relationship that women try to give the solution to husband even when husband clearly say he don’t need the help. Indeed, it is wife’s duty and responsibility to help her husband in his problems, but wife should not enforce the support to her husband because husband would not like it. Instead of enforcing the support to husband wife should offer the help and if husband reject it, then wife should say that “do it your way and if you need me I am always there”.

Do not try to manipulate them: Many time wives try to manipulate her husband on every front including small things like food, dress or perfume. It is ok to share your opinion about your husband’s choices, but if you will try to enforce all of your opinion on your husband then your husband will start feeling as a slave for you and he would not like it in any situation. As a result of this manipulation you might create some serious dent on your relationship as well.

Other than this, it is also very important that you should give each other some space if you want to know how to fix your marriage. This space will not only allow your husband to live his life with his own identity but it will increase the bonding between your marriage relationship and you will be able to understand your husband in much better manner.  If you need additional relationship advice please checkout men want what.